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Frequently Asked Questions

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We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early to your first appointment in order to fill out forms and to discuss your medical history, lifestyle, and desired look during your consultation. We will welcome you into our glamorous "boom boom lash room" to make magic and enhance your natural eyelashes. You will relax to soothing music, and likely drift off to dream while your eyelash extensions are meticulously applied one by one to each of your natural eyelashes. The application will begin with a thorough cleaning of the lash and eye area, as the cleansing will allow for a stronger bond between your natural lashes and our Eye Candy lash extensions. While you are comfortably resting on our plush tempurpdeic beds, the lash stylist will begin to place each individual extension upon your natural lashes. When the process is complete, you will have received approximately 70-100 eyelash extensions to each eye. The entire process may take between 2-2.5 hours for your first set of Eye Candy Lashes.

The number of individual lashes that you receive will depend on the number of eyelashes you naturally have, and the desired look that you hope to achieve. On average, most people have anywhere between 120-180 natural lashes. We will apply 70 -125 lashes depending on the style you choose, and how dramatic you wish for your length and volume to be.

In order to maintain your desired style, you should return every 2-5 weeks for routine maintenance and touch-ups.

We love to document the transformation of lackluster lashes to Eye Candy glam! You may view several testimonials and photos by clicking on our social media icons. The icons will link you to true, real-life images and testimonials of past and current clients. You will find a variety of lash loving ladies who have been Eye-Candied, and who have fallen head over heels with their new look.

We LOVE when our clients know which kind of style they prefer, and what kind of look would make them most happy. Each client has the choice to choose a style which fits their own taste, lifestyle, and desire. Eye Candy Lashes isn't a one size fits all type of salon, as we value the unique and individual needs of each client. We pride ourselves in being a true lash boutique, specializing in the needs of each set of beautiful eyes.  

We will send you home with aftercare instructions and discuss how best to care for your new luxurious lashes. The upkeep is quite simple, and well worth the benefits of kissing your mascara goodbye!

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